Jack Wilshere reckons that securing three points is much more important for his team than looking beautiful on the pitch.

The Gunners have been known for playing beautiful brand of football, but, this season, quite often, they have looked sort of ugly and yesterday, it was no different either as facing Anderlecht in Europe, they somehow snatched the win from the jaws of defeat.

In a dramatic sequence of events, Arsenal managed to shake the net twice in the last one and half minutes of the stoppage time, causing much relief amongst fans who had money on – and even those that only had free bets on.

As per Wilshere, with the opposition leading only by 1-0, his team was always there with a chance. All that was required was the leveller.

At the end of the match, the 22-year old English playmaker was quoted as saying, “This has certainly not been a period during which we have played our most fluent football. Today also, you might say we were below par, but, what’s important was that we got the points.”

“There are days when you play elegant football and get nothing, while, there are days when you look rusty and still, end up winning. You would rather want to be in the second situation than the first one, wouldn’t you?”

“We never threw in the towel. It was just a matter of one goal and we knew that. Somehow, we needed to get on the board and once we did, they were under pressure straightaway. We would definitely not consider it as one of our most beautiful outings, but, we got the job done.”

This was Arsenal’s second successive win in Europe. They had won against Galatasaray by 4-1 and now, this win has taken them to the second position in the table behind the German club Borussia Dortmund which is three points clear at the top.


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