Cryuff intensifies rivalry

Former Barcelona manager Johan Cruyff has once again intensified the rivalry between Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho by saying that the former is significantly better than the current Chelsea manager. Guardiola and Mourinho have always been at loggerheads against each other with both managers being known for their different philosophies in football. Guardiola is someone who learnt his trade from Cruyff himself. During his time as the manager at Barcelona, Cruyff revolutionised the football and the club follows the path set down by him. The Dutchman is currently out of work after having recently left several clubs including Ajax after falling out.

However, Guardiola will probably have Cruyff in the highest possible esteem after the Dutchman gave him the debut at Barcelona. Guardiola went on to have an illustrious playing career during which time he also captained the Catalan club. It is not known whether playing in the Cruyff team influential Guardiola to also revolutionise football when he became the first team manager in 2008 by taking over at Barcelona. Over the next five years, he managed to take the team to incredible heights and they will probably be remembered as the best team in the history of football.

Cruyff says that Guardiola is a better manager because he tries to invent new things and revolutionise the game. “To me, it’s clear. Yes. Guardiola wants to make football better, to take his team to another level. Unlike Mourinho, he has also played in front of 100,000 fans. He makes the game the centre of attention; Mourinho only talks about his team, his qualities and his mentality. He played in the third team back then, and physically he was nothing, but he knew how to help himself with the right movement,” said Cruyff about Guardiola’s managerial skills and the reason for giving the Spaniard his debut.

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