1. i dont doubt that jack truly does love arsenal but if we don’t surround him
    with players of equal quality and desire he will eventually leave too the
    squad we have now simply isnt good enough

  2. super work with these vids. as an australian arsenal supporter i can’t
    always watch the games. much appreciated. A coquelin v bradford vid would
    be great as i hear he was one of our few good performers.

  3. I remember watching this game right before my final exam. It really fucked
    up my mood. and props to Jack Wilshere!

  4. If every one of Arsenal’s players had the drive and the desire to win that
    Jack Wilshere does we’d be hammering smaller teams like this. Some of the
    players on the pitch had it in their heads a bit too much that they were
    better than the opposition and they got stung for it.

  5. I can live w/ a 1-1 draw, a replay possibly, but the penalties were fucking
    atrocious and lackluster w/ the exception of Wilshere and the ox. Vermaelen
    was very disappointing.

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