Wenger Has Freedom In Formation


The midfield position in Arsenal is being contested between talented players such as: Mesut Ozil, Theo Walcott, Santi Cazorla, Tomas Rosicky, Mikel Arteta, Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey and the newest arrival to the team Alexis Sanchez who usually performs as a striker but can also be deployed as a winger.


Having so many players at his disposal Arsene Wenger has given a certain type of ultimatum or warning towards Jack Wilshere as the French tactician stated that this must be the year for Jack Wilshere to stand out and hopefully steer clear away from all the series of injuries that the English midfielder has been suffering from in these past seasons.


Injuries have always troubled Jack Wilshere as it made him unable to play for the entire season of 2011-12 and during the previous season he had to miss over 6 weeks of action after sustaining a hairline fracture on his left foot.


Wilshere is now recovered from the injuries and he made an impressive performance againstManchesterCityin the match that Arsenal claimed the Community Shield title. Even though Wilshere did not make a mark on the score-sheet he was still noticed during the 68 minutes he spent on the pitch before being replaced. The English midfielder provided his teammates with sleek passes and just seemed to be comfortable throughout the entire match.


It’s a great way to start the season not only for Arsene Wenger as he added another trophy to his closet but more importantly for Jack Wilshere as the Englishman needed a match of this caliber to prepare himself for what lies ahead.


Arsene Wenger believes that this year will be huge for Jack Wilshere as he is finally recovered from the string of injuries and now it’s his time to shine and turn into one of the main figures for Arsenal.


Wenger said: “It’s an important year for Jack, very important,” Wenger said. “He is only 22, but he has enough experience to say he is not a young player any more. This is a guy who starts games and is expected to make a difference at this stage of his career. For him, the problem until now was medical, but I think he is over it. This is the first time he has not missed a session since the start of the pre-season preparations. His ankle is fine and you can see he trains without restriction’’


This statement of Arsene Wenger will serve as a way to encourage Jack Wilshere to perform at his best but at the same time it’s also a certain type of ultimatum as Wenger is well aware of the fierce competition in the midfield that is being disputed between all the skillful players that are on the squad and Wilshere has to secure his place in the starting lineup of Wenger just like everyone else.

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