Jack Wilshere To Get Back To Form Soon

Jack Wilshere showcases Ross Barkley as an example to be replicated for him to get back to top form.  Jack, also known as the star player of West Ham, has been impressed by the form of this Chelsea midfielder which has also earned him a recall for the England team.

Jack wishes to reignite his playing career so that he can win an opportunity to get back into the squad of England’s football team. Being a former star player of Arsenal, he has been struggling with injuries that have kept him back from the field in most games in recent years. He is especially resentful of having missed out from being part of the World Cup squad of Gareth Southgate last summer when they played in London Stadium.

Barkley has also stagnated in his career before he left to join Chelsea from Everton; after that, he was able to get back in form and has to lead the Liverpool players since then in the recent international matches that the club has played in.

Wilshere is confident that he will be able to get back to his peak form when he gets on the pitch again which is also something that his former colleagues are assuring him. He explains that he believes in his own ability and Ross is a perfect example; having played with him in the World Cup match in Brazil, he now watches Ross’s progress and is inspired as to how he got back to form. He is himself waiting to get back to be fit for a match and is hopeful that he would be able to participate in the upcoming match that his team would play against Manchester City. His current form is still injured state from the last injury he suffered on the field.

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