Arsenal only had 1 new arrival during the January transfer window but despite not having an active window compared to other clubs of the Premier League, Jack Wilshere is confident that the current squad is enough to fight for the Premier League title of the current season.

“People keep saying we need a new striker but Olivier Giroud has been great and Lukas Podolski can play there,” Wilshere said in The Sun.

“Aaron Ramsey and Santi Cazorla have scored a few. Even I’ve got a couple! We know we can create chances and score goals. We have to work on our team shape in terms of winning the ball back and getting into better positions. The next two months are really important and if we come out of those unscathed, we will have a real chance.”


Last year Arsenal was pitted against Bayern Munich as they had to fight the German titans for the Champions League and despite claiming a 2-0 triumph in the 2nd leg, it wasn’t enough for Arsenal to advance into the next stages of the European tournament as they had suffered a 3-1 defeat in the first-leg.


For the 2nd consecutive season, Arsenal was drawn against Bayern Munich once more and having already played the first leg, the Premier League club suffered a 1-0 loss but even though they have fallen behind in the scoreboard, Wilshere stated that Arsenal have learned their mistakes from the previous year.


“We were a bit nervous going into the game last year. We lost to Blackburn in the FA Cup the game before. There was a lot of tension in the stadium and it was a big game.

“Once we calmed down a bit, we took the game to them a little bit. The third goal was a lucky goal and that killed us. This year we’ll be intelligent going into the game. First of all we’ll work on our defensive duty and then we’ll play.” Wilshere said.

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