1. We would won trophy for best videos in last decade for sure. Best fans! Once Gunner, always Gunner

  2. could u imagine wilshere, chamberlain, gibbs 3-5 years later.. WOW..
    just hope they will stay til retire..

  3. ستشرق شمس الأرسنال قريباً بقدوم أوسمانوف الأوزبكي ..

    وسيعود فخر لندن للضرب بمدفعه .. [ إنتظروه فالمدفع عندما يضرب يرجع للخلف ثم يفجر ]

    الأرسنال عشق وفخر .. فهنيئاً لنا به ..

  4. thank you for the info of their history.. lets wish they would add 1 more silverware before the end of this season. Go Arsenal!

  5. i don’t care if they(Arsenal) were not a big club or didn’t win any cup. I just enjoy every game they play, every news they made, and every creativity of Youtube video was made by their fans or supporters. Win, lose, or tie… Arsenal till die. greetings from Indonesia.

  6. 4th on goal difference with a team that looked fantastic in September. Yep fucking brilliant. Wise up. 

  7. Patrick Vieira – Jose Antonio Reyes – Cesc Fabregas -Gael Clichy Robin van Persie – Ashley Cole and The Legend Thierry Henry and more

  8. Barcelona- Alexander Hleb, Alex Song, THIERRY HENRY
    MCFC-Clichy, Adebayor
    ACMIlan- Flamini
    Real Madrid- Lass DIarra

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