Betting tips on the Premier League

It looks as if it might be all change at the top in the 2013/14 Premier League. Of course a change would be very welcome, but it isn’t making pre-season betting very easy. Fort the first time in 27 years Manchester United will begin the season without the leadership of Sir Alex Fergusson, though be assured that he will still make his influence felt even with David Moyes as the new manager. This could create new tensions which could have a knock on effect to the players and eventually the results. At third favourite to win the premiership with odds of 5/2 it might pay to wait awhile for the season to begin before placing a bet.

Perhaps this will be the season in which a surprise club wins; although Chelsea is the current favourite at 2/1, you can find odds of 40/1 on Spurs and up to 500/1 on Everton. Odds like that are certainly worth considering even if the chances of winning are not that high. Betting on a member of outliers could be a good strategy and very exciting should they prove to be competitive. With so many changes at the top this could represent an excellent opportunity, particularly if you are willing to place some casino style bets.

What do you get when you mix together a retro pub type fruit machine and a football themed video slot? The answer is “Game On”, and playing it is a perfect catharsis as you try to cope with your impatience for the start of the 2013/14 football season. You don’t need to think too deeply; with just three reels and a single payline it falls far short of being a mind game, but it is certainly very entertaining. You can also win some serious money as it has a £10,000 jackpot; all you need do to win it is to spine three world cup symbols.

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