1. For a SIXTEEN year old to play like that against chelsea (full of superstars) is very good!

  2. When Wilshere10 gets his first appearence at the emirates
    i want to hear a RRROOOOAAARRRRR we have never heard before.
    share this message around twitter and youtube guys. special invitation
    (gunnergalactico, cwdcomps, th14renato, afcamden, tomgunner14, redarmy49, geoffarsenal, samuelj29060, timpayton, piersmorgan……………….­) and retweet
    I just want to give Jack the best welcome feeling you can imagine.

  3. HAHA you don’t know shit about football. Please go and comment on something that you know about…

  4. lol, you idiot, He’s only 20 years old. Iniesta wasnt even known when he was 20 he was just some typical midfielder and now look at him? Common sense isn’y your strong point is it?

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