1. He’ll never leave. I know a teenager’s promise is never that strong but he’s said it. He’s supported the club since he was a kid, he’s been here since he was 9, technically he’s our Gerrard. But then again, Sol Campbell was a lifelong Spurs fan´╗┐ too apparently…

  2. search Dan Crowley, Arsenal’s new´╗┐ boy. 15 yo.
    Next Jack WIlshere

  3. It looked like a “Beckham shot”. Amazing how he wrapped his foot around the ball. Next year we need to press on with this lad and Rosicky rotating in midfield for AMC, Ramsey/Arteta to rotate in midfield for CM and get a new DM to rotate with another new utility player who can play DM or RB like Porto RB Danilo. Sell Sagna!´╗┐ ­čśë

  4. i think he is smiling because one day he will have the pride of creating another legend´╗┐ in this team

  5. Hahahaha Jack will never win a champions league medal at that sinking club Arsenal something Gerrard and Lampard´╗┐ have, He’s no where near there standards overrated isn’t the word for him.

  6. Don’t get me wrong I love the guy but he looks incredibly cocky when he was 16. 0:39´╗┐

  7. Wilshere is better´╗┐ than lampard and Gerrard end of conversation.

  8. Ppl can y’all stop arguing and just watch Jack’s goal or go somewhere else to´╗┐ bitch about whatever like for real

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