Bournemouth’s Eddie Howe is not worried about Jack Wilshere’s injury

Jack Wilshere is currently performing with Bournemouth on a season long loan deal and so far, the English player has made a positive impact as he is a regular starter in the Premier League club and he is attempting to help the team in avoiding the bottom relegation zone but a recent injury might leave Wilshere out of action for a few games.

Bournemouth faced off with Manchester City on February 13 and sustained a 0-2 defeat and to make things even worse for the team of Eddie Howe, Jack Wilshere had to leave the pitch at the 45th minute after picking up an ankle injury.

When it comes to getting injured, Jack Wilshere is no stranger to this as the English player has consistently been injured in different periods of his career starting way back from October of 2009.

Ankle, hamstring, back, hip and fibula, these are all of the parts of Wilshere’s that he has sustained injuries in, which has left him out of the pitch for some period of time. Most of these injuries have never really been very serious as Wilshere has only had to stay out of the pitch for a few weeks; however, there was an instance back on August of 2011 when Wilshere picked up an ankle injury which forced him to stay on the sidelines for 65 weeks.

Even though Jack Wilshere is an injury riddled player, the head coach of Bournemouth believes that this recent injury sustained by Wilshere is nothing too serious and that he should be back in the first-team soon.

Eddie Howe said: “I thought that goal should have stood at the time, but there’s a clear pull there. Jack is just feeling his ankle. I don’t think there’s a major injury there. He just felt he couldn’t move as freely as he wanted to and had a pain in his ankle, so we took him off’’


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