Steve Cook wasn’t impressed

Steve Cook wasn’t impressed with the reaction of the home supporters at White Hart lane yesterday when Jack Wilshere was leaving the pitch in pain.

Wilshere damaged his ankle in the second half and didn’t find himself in a position to carry on. So he decided to go out, but, he was struggling to even walk and somehow dragged himself on one foot to the locker room and that was not a good sight at all.

But, as far as Tottenham fans are concerned, for them, it was something to celebrate. They found a lot of joy in that as they whistled and shouted at Wilshere, making fun of him and his injury and that didn’t please Cook who was feeling for his teammate.

Cook thought that it was morally not correct of Tottenham fans to do something like that despite the soured relationship they have had with the Gunners and Wilshere in particular over the years.

As per Cook, for him, from a players’ point of view, he has never enjoyed seeing a fellow player sustain an injury. So when Wilshere went down and there were whistles from everywhere, it didn’t make a great view and he personally felt very, very bad about it.

But, the game at the highest level is just so relentless in all aspects that the players have to take these things into their strides as well.

When asked if he had any update on Wilshere, Cook said that the extent of the injury was not known yet, but, in the next 24 to 48 hours, it would certainly be clear. At the moment, everybody in the camp is just hoping that it doesn’t turn out to be as bad it appeared at the first sight.


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