Arsene Wenger comments on Sir Alex Ferguson’s stint

Arsene Wenger doesn’t think that his stint at Arsenal will stretch up to the length that Sir Alex Ferguson’s stint at Man U did.

Ferguson’s stint at Man U was more than two and a half decade long and that’s the longest stint for a manager at a particular club in the history of Football.

Wenger is getting there too as he has also spent two decades with the Gunners now, but, he reckons he would eventually remain short of the record set by Ferguson.

As per Wenger, if the lengths of the tenure of the coaches in modern Football are measured on an average, it will be somewhere around one and a half years. So, for him and Ferguson to remain associated with a single club for such a huge duration is definitely not usual in this day and age and one would have to say what Ferguson achieved during his time at Old Trafford was incredible.

Before this season, it was thought that the Arsenal hierarchy would probably like to get rid of Wenger in the summer of 2017 and would rope in a new face at the helm, but, now, it looks like the hierarchy is in favour of continuing with the 67-year old.

Wenger, however, had suggested a couple of days ago that he was not sure of the finalisation of a new deal and the upcoming Cup final might prove to be his Swansong at Arsenal, but, he had stressed that even if that was the case, it wouldn’t be the end of his coaching career altogether and he would keep plying his trade elsewhere.

In the winters, a club from China had come to Wenger with the proposition of paying him thrice the Wages that he was getting at Arsenal. The Frenchman had said no to that back then, but, if he does take an exit from Emirates, he may be lured to China. Who knows?




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