Bayern Munich is already ahead of all the clubs in terms of quality

Arturo Vidal reckons Bayern Munich is already ahead of all the clubs in terms of quality, but, if his countryman Alexis Sanchez becomes a part of it, that will make it an even more efficient and powerful team.

Sanchez is presently at Arsenal and he’s been their most fruitful player in the recent seasons. They therefore are trying their best to keep hold of him and have put an extension proposal in front of him, but, the Chile international has not shown any hurry to pen it down yet.

Given Arsenal’s dependence on Sanchez, the chances are slim that they would entertain any bids coming for him this summer, but, if there is no agreement on the new deal, they won’t be able to stop him him from leaving for a long time because he would be out of contract once the 2017-18 season finishes and would then make his way out as a free agent.

Bayern is looking for some strong striking options to ease the pressure off their main striker Robert Lewandowski and because they have heard some great things about Sanchez from his countryman Vidal, they are eager to lure him to Munich.

Bayern may get some competition from Manchester City for Sanchez, but, they are favourites to win that battle because Wenger has dropped hints that he is not going to let a Premiership club secure the services of Sanchez and if he indeed remains adamant on that, it will be difficult for City and Bayern may be able to take advantage of that.

However, it remains to be seen what decision Sanchez takes on the new deal that is still on the table for him. If he eventually turns it down and enters the 2017-18 Season without an extension, it would most likely be his final season in the Gunners’ shirt.



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