It has been more injury headache this season for Jack Wilshere

It has been more injury headache this season for Jack Wilshere, as the midfielder has been able to make only a substitute appearance in the FA Cup so far.

The England international had huge hopes when he broke into the scene, but his injury problems are starting to him of a great career. Wilshere has revealed that he is starting to get his fitness levels back just in time for the Christmas period. Even though he is now capable of playing games, the 23-year-old wants to take it slowly for the first few months. This is likely to be the opinion of manager Arsene Wenger as well.

In the past, Wenger has been critical of the England national team calling up Wilshere when the player could have done with some rest. The 23-year-old suffered a fractured fibula a few months ago. Speaking to the club’s official site, he has admitted the tough time that he has had with injuries in the last 36 months. Arsenal have not struggled in his absence and this could leave him fighting for a first-team spot when he does return eventually. Even then, he has not given up hope of playing at the Euro 2016. Wilshere has been in the sidelines along with players like Danny Welbeck and Tomas Rosicky.

“I’m not going to rush it. I’ll make sure my body’s right and at the moment I’m feeling good.I’m working as hard as I can to try to come back. I know what it takes because unfortunately I’ve been injured a few times in my career and I know what it takes to get back to full fitness.Mentally this one has been the toughest to take because I had a big injury last year, came back, got myself fit, back in good form, played for England,” said Wilshere.

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