Wenger: Wilshere still not ready for Premier League

Jack Wilshere has not played an official competitive match for Arsenal since April after picking up an ankle injury that has not allowed him to play for around 6 months. This injury has even forced Wilshere on staying out of the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers for England.

Arsene Wenger has recently voiced details concerning the current situation of the 25 year old English midfielder.

The French manager said “If the competition was less ferocious, he is ready to play. I wouldn’t be scared to play him. In the Premier League he can play soon. He is nearly back to his best. It is part of his game. You cannot ask a guy not to go into any contact. I believe it is his strength. His strength is to turn the game forward and have acceleration individually or with the ball. Sometimes when he accelerates individually he pushes the ball too far and gets confronted.”

It’s now 2 months since the 2017-18 season of the English Premier League kicked-off in full force which means that despite the good early start from certain clubs and some mediocre ones from other clubs, the English competition is far from over.

Arsenal have suffered a rollercoaster ride in these early stages of the EPL after losing 0-4 to Liverpool, 0-1 to Stoke City and most recently 1-2 against Watford. Whilst at the start of the season fans were flooding Livefootballtickets.com to get tickets to Arsena;’s matches, their fervour has worn off as the disspointing performances have continues.

Even if Jack Wilshere does make a return to the Emirates Stadium, it’s still going to take him some time to get fully fit and actually help Arsenal try to gain some consistency, especially for a player with the statistics of Wilshere who goes from having 35 appearances in 1 season and then in the next season drops to a very low amount or even to 0.

Wilshere was loaned out to Bournemouth during the previous 2016-17 season of the EPL which shows just how much his influence at the Emirates Stadium has dropped and has been dropping in the past few years.

For a player who had such a bright future and even became Arsenal’s youngest ever league debutant at the age of 16 years and 256 days, to start so brilliantly to now suffering injuries and going out on loans to lesser known clubs is a disappointing thing to see for any player but at the age of 25, he has time to make a return and get back on track.

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