1. dude iam a man. united fan,but i like arsenal.And what are chances of your team winning the title?????????maybe the same chances TORRES has of winning the golden boot.
    now who is laughing??????????

  2. haha its ok, it was kinda my fault because you were talking to him and i just entered the convo

  3. you got me confused with the other guy, someone else said he didnt like it and you said you can mute it and i said thats what i do with videos but not this video

  4. Your making me confused really, so you thought the music was bad but it fitted with the video?

  5. Sorry, but you can always mute it and listen to your own music when watching

  6. listen like I said before, fuck off. How the fuck am I sexually disorientated if I like chelsea? That makes no fucking sense to me. And about the music, u have no right to tell this guy that the music is garbage. Its his video he plays whatever he wants. If you dont like it, just turn it off its that simple but a dumb fuck like u probably doesnt know that. So just do everyone a favor and shut ur ugly fucking mouth u prick

  7. You must be sexually disorientated. Oh wait, you’re a Chelsea supporter. Well you’re fitting your stereotype perfectly aren’t you? Sexually disorientated and as an idiotic, lousy, mentally deficient muppet. You shouldn’t have the right to brand Wilshere with this music,

  8. The best midfield on premier league and one of the most talented in the world.
    Go Gunners

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