1. watch this gotzevideo:


  2. ahh ok mate 🙂 i take my words back than 🙂 cause its been so frustrating for us , the way Barca behaves for our players & no 1 in UEFA do anything to barca about media-taming.

  3. I think u missunderstood me. I didn’t mean he will leave arsenal, I was talkin about that we will have a player to watch after xavi. not that he will rule barca like xavi does. 🙂

  4. Rofl Barca fan ? if you are , than no offense but are you claiming he has Barca filthy DNA too ?

    Wilshere is Arsenal through & through , Wenger made him for 1 purpose ie. to rule in the Capital of England.

  5. When I look at Jack Wilshere, Mario Götze, Eden Hazard, Neymar’s nomination for the Ballon d’Or becomes even more ridiculous.

  6. i don’t think that people fully understand England needs a squad of about 20 players to come through for them to win a world cup.

    look at all the previous world cup winners they all had large squads of players with flare.

    England probably only has 3 players with skill and that is Rooney, Rio and now Wilshire.

    It Scary to think that we are going to need about 20 years to produce these types of players.

  7. jack wilshere he is the next big think in england football team will never have again

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