Alex Iwobihas named Jack Wilshere as his inspiration

Arsenal youngster Alex Iwobihas named Jack Wilshere as his inspiration despite the England midfielder unable to feature regularly for his club and country.

Wilshere was regarded as the biggest England prospect a few years ago. Due to unspecified reasons, the player has been going from one injury to another even before the age of 25. It has limited him to a handful of appearances the last two years. In fact, he is yet to appear for Arsenal for England in the 2015-16 season. However, his talent is apparent for everyone to see and the same seems to have applied forIwobi.

Wilshere is known for his skill move called as the no-touch turn.Iwobi says that many of the youth players in the Arsenal squad have named this skill after Wilshere. The 24-year-old recently claimed that he is once again fit enough to represent the starting line-up. However, it remains to be seen as manager Arsene Wenger will consider picking him for the remaining three matches of the season. Wenger recently called upon England manager Roy Hodgson to take things with Wilshere slowly. Even then, it is expected that the midfielder will once again miss out on a major tournament.

England could fly to France for the Euro 2016 without Wilshere in the squad.“He’s a big inspiration for us.He’s brilliant on the ball, he’s able to find space and he’s the master of the no-touch turn.He doesn’t even need to touch the ball, he just shields it with his body and turns away from defenders with ease.It’s something that us youth team players used to watch and then try in training.A couple of times in training we used to get together and practice the ‘Jack Wilshere turn’, but nobody can do it as well as he can!” said Iwobi.

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