Alex Iwobihas named Jack Wilshere as his inspiration

Arsenal youngster Alex Iwobihas named Jack Wilshere as his inspiration despite the England midfielder unable to feature regularly for his club and country.

Wilshere was regarded as the biggest England prospect a few years ago. Due to unspecified reasons, the player has been going from one injury to another even before the age of 25. It has limited him to a handful of appearances the last two years. In fact, he is yet to appear for Arsenal for England in the 2015-16 season. However, his talent is apparent for everyone to see and the same seems to have applied forIwobi.

Wilshere is known for his skill move called as the no-touch turn.Iwobi says that many of the youth players in the Arsenal squad have named this skill after Wilshere. The 24-year-old recently claimed that he is once again fit enough to represent the starting line-up. However, it remains to be seen as manager Arsene Wenger will consider picking him for the remaining three matches of the season. Wenger recently called upon England manager Roy Hodgson to take things with Wilshere slowly. Even then, it is expected that the midfielder will once again miss out on a major tournament. (more…)

Jack Wilshere mocked Tottenham Hotspur fans and got sanctioned

On May 30, Arsenal locked horns with Aston Villa in the finals of the FA Cup and the team of Arsene Wenger came out on top with the victory as they claimed a 4-0 triumph in London at the Wembley Stadium.

Jack Wilshere entered the pitch at the 77th minute as he replaced Theo Walcott and even though the English player spent less than 20 minutes on the pitch, he still was insanely happy in helping Arsenal secure their 12th FA Cup.

The players of Arsenal later went on celebrating their title win by going to the streets in a parade filled with thousands of supporters of the club however, one of those players crossed the line during this joyous occasion and it was Jack Wilshere as the Englishman has been sanctioned due to his misconduct during this event.

Jack Wilshere was on top of a bus along with his teammates and then he picked up the microphone and asked the gathered supporters: “We’ve got one question. And one question only.

“What do we think of Tottenham? Shit! What do you think of shit? Tottenham! Thank you. He then joined in as the crowd sang: “We hate Tottenham and we hate Tottenham…we are the Tottenham haters.” (more…)

Arsene Wenger again backs Jack

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has once again backed Jack Wilshere to come good for Arsenal amidst suggestions that the club should have brought back Cesc Fabregas instead of allowing him to join Chelsea.

Wilshere is regarded as one of the highly talented youngsters of this English generation but his career has been plagued by injuries. The young midfielder has ruled out until the middle of January with yet another injury. Wenger has also witnessed Fabregas continue his impeccable form in the Premier League. He was one of the important players when he left for Barcelona a few years ago. Now, it has already secured 12 assists to his name even before the middle of the campaign. (more…)

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