1. I would’ve just soaked him with ice water when I had the opportunity, but Mirallas is deffo a cunt!

  2. Are you joking me… it’s WATER it’s not going to kill him… Footballer’s have done much worse..

  3. Mirallas couldnt handle jackiboy on the pitch so the fruitcake starts squirting water, jack should´ve squirted something else on his face, since Kev likes that kind of shite!

  4. if squirted by water does kills, then millions of Thai people die every year during Songkran festival.
    No need to so serious about that~~

  5. If you do this, it really depends what the relationship has been between you two.
    Given Wilshere reaction, they are clearly not really pals, are they.
    So Mirallas is a provoking twat and should have been punched in the face.

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