1. how can you use a miss against Barcelona in the champions league and say that it wasn’t a bad example and lower ranked league he’s doing great a Sunderland; like i said before watch more Football and stop judging players on one season

  2. haha i dont think that was such a bad example… and i said that he have missed oh so many clear chances, especially during his time in arsenal. im sure he would kick ass in some lower ranked league, but not so much in the premier.

  3. for starters your use of sarcasm was shit and so was your example, you used a champions league game against BARCELONA as an example majority of the players will miss and im not saying you can’t write what you want but if your going to write something at least make sure you can back it up. here’s an idea watch more a Football before you judge a player on a few games

  4. i can write what i want you know, even if im rich… theres no rule that says i have to put something in the end to show every person who do not understand sarcasm that its a joke… and the chances that was so important is for example a 1 on 1 chance against barca in champions league when a goal would have qualified arsenal for the next round, and many more!

  5. hmm no he didn’t but look where they are now…. only the best teams in the world…

  6. well if you did make as much as him you won’t be on youtube writing pathetic comments and if it was a joke you should of put something on the end to show it was a joke and also he’s missing chances in the BARCLAY’S PREMIER LEAGUE the biggest league in the world so you expect him to miss a few and you obviously been watching a different Sunderland if he’s missed important chances

  7. First: How do you know if I do not make that much money too?
    Second; Why so serious? It was kind of a joke…
    Third: He has missed quite a lot too (as every other player) but ive seen plenty of bad misses from him, in particular during very important moments…

  8. your criticizing Bendtner yet again he’s the one who making thousands of pounds because of the gift he has and you’re there watching a youtube video wishing you could play pro and before you say what gift look how he’s been playing for Sunderland ( a team he fits in not one of the best teams were you expect to see gold) he’s done amazing

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA………Never you fucking moron 4th place maybe next year. MAYBE!

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA………Never you fucking moron 4th place maybe next year. MAYBE!

  11. The goal Arsenal score which makes it 10-0 at like 5:18 they have walcott, vela, bendtner and whilshere playing for the reserves! Holy shit! no suprise about the score

  12. We got Chamberlain and Wilshere… I can see the title in front of me 🙂

  13. how ironic you call me a blind retard when you dont even have the observational skills to see im not even the guy you were arguing with, and that wasnt a lucky goal, and im not calling him “the best”

    all in all, you are really bad at taking in information, and really bad at arguing. If you understood a single thing i’ve written, then well done

  14. Yea dude 1 lucky goal makes him the best, buhaha stop wasting my time you stupid kid. I already said ”don’t even reply to me” and here we go again, blind retard..

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