1. Lmfaoo, i laughed so hard at the way he throws darts.

    Come back eboue!!

  2. first dart fom eboue killed me he threw it like he was capturing supper for the tribe love you my african brother you made us african proud manu eboue

  3. LOOOL eboue is such a legend look at his face when wilshere says do it properly like he been accused of robbery

  4. HAhahhahahahahahha! Walcott did come from the League 1-team Southhampton, so did Chamberlain

  5. yea, never want him to leave. I always watch videos of him when i miss him. a bit gay, but we all love Eboue don’t we?

  6. He is used to throwing spears in his homeland so he had a major advantage

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