1. lol balo is better den wilshere even doe they play diff roles wilshee just smart balo is an idiot with talent that he doesnt know how to use

  2. what is with English players and sick long passes. Honestly lol, Every time I see England team plays, they make the perfect long passes…. although they usually don’t finish it off with the strikers. Anyways Wilshere is a solid Center player definitely earned his stats on FIFA.

  3. wilshere is a very good player. here is another good player who is 19. mario götze:


  4. the kid has touches that would make players like xavi look normal (who by the way is overrate to begin with). wilshere should have gotten MOTM in the first leg against barcelona. i still don’t know who the hell biscuits is.

  5. there are a few amazing talents, like hazard and neymar. but this talent is just something the world never have seen before. Wenger should be proud of himself when this kid is the best player in the world!

  6. Balotelli’s career is taking a fuckin swan dive, trying fuckin spin moves against the LA Galaxy, Try that shit against Szczesny after he blocks it, he’ll put a right fuckin cross on Marios jaw. Jack would never pull that shit. The kids all class.

  7. i love this guy he’s always in the action always getting in there not caring what happens his aggression to get the ball is phenomenal especially against sweden he saved england with that penelty

  8. Please don’t end up like arshavin. He had good seasons too but ended up just losing his head for the game.

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