1. why do you guys keep reminding us of all the sad memories ( birmingham’s shit goal-Van Persie’s Sending off-Liverpool’s 102’s minute penalty) god i hate this season !

  2. ahh sorry i misunderstood, i agree he does go in too roughly, dont wna stomp it out his game too much as he is braver than most and will do the dirty part of the game, deffo agree about the finishing tho. hes gna be a brilliant player

  3. not dive but dive in. going with studs up, or tackling from behind are clear red cards imo. Too dangerous to be allowed in this game

  4. He will be like a new signing in my opinion, like when Bac comes back, however i dont know how he will fit into the system, Arteta doesn’t deserve to lose his starting place, and neither does Song, so i guess he would take Rambos place. Which is also quite harsh because Aaron’s performances haven’t been disappointing as such.

  5. He’s almost backYeaah! Sure Wenger will call this a January transfer.. Bac is also almost back:)

  6. he needs to learn to not dive in like a madman. counted 3-4 obvious red cards in this clip. Oh, and his finishing prolly needs to get better. As soon as he learns these things he is surely gonna be best in the world

  7. all he needs to add to his game is goals
    and then, well we have the full package don’t we?

  8. remember some bloke named van persie
    plus gervinho is already better than na$sri
    bit i dont think anyone will ever like-for-like replace cesc, forever a gunner

  9. some guy stole your vid btw
    anyways great vid, can’t wait to see him back in action against ac milan in february

  10. I like how it ended. The commentator said ” Its just what Arsenal needed ” .. and yeah its what we needed. xD

  11. i didnt expect a young player to be such aggressive and harsh. this will prove bad for him. and surely these are the reason for his injuries.

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