1. @yourma40 welcome to barcelona wtf??? why do you said that i don’t
    understand because wilshire is from arsenal youth sistem

  2. i really hope wenger plays him alot more this season , i think he will grow
    to become one of the best players in the world

  3. Brilliant player love liverpool to sign I’m him n gerrard together wid be

  4. i know Jack he lives in Hitchin nd i go to th same school wen he was at
    school nd his nan lives in my village Jack Wilshere A.K.A Young Fabregas
    (says arsene wenger)

  5. dis guy is already fit for 1st team…just needs more strength and body
    growth!!!!! could be the nxt messi of the premier leauge with his stature 🙂

  6. @emirates111 keep your pants on. i didnt say anything you didnt already know

  7. You really knows him? COOL! I am beginning to like him more and more JACK
    WILSHERE! ^^

  8. He had a good spell at Bolton and will be awesome as he was at the Reekbok
    Stadium if he starts!

  9. hes actually 1 of arsenals best technique quality players he just needs
    more experience and strength, atm he’s crossing and shooting is already top
    quality alot better then most of our players

  10. Nice compilation, what program did you use to remove the copyright from
    Arsenal TV?? Cheers

  11. @MementoMori55 are you retarded. this is why it pains me to be an arsenal
    fan, the hate we get off rtards like you.

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