1. this was a brilliant game of football on behalf of both teams. both played well and they played football. the game was open. not like fucking chelsea parking their bus in their penalty area

  2. this video is about wilshere not necessarily arsenal….this kid showed he can run an entire midfield against the overrated xavi and iniesta…this kid has got talent…too bad hes not there for euros…i dont understand where possession stats came from…this is a video of one players performance. fucking ignorant twats

  3. Yes i analysed the game, and how hard is it to understand that barca played better football? arsenal didn’t even played their own game, they played counterfootball.

  4. cant wait to see wilshere fully blossomed. He is an mazing little player!

  5. Possession stats are always inaccurate. According to sky Barca had 66 and according to bbc they had 53, I don’t know who to believe but I remember after the game i saw Barca had 60% so i’ll agree with that one.

  6. Did you analyse the game? You didn’t even know what goalie was in net. Almost double shots, 53% possession for Barcelona instead of their regular 70% and We had more clear cut chances. Go watch this and tell me Barcelona were better again. /watch?v=Dx-vO84DoAI

  7. Best game of the season, doesn;’t mean they we’re better than barca. barca played better, arsenal won the game. how hard is that to understand? You probably didn’t even analysed the game, but just looking at it, with you’re arsenal-glasses on.

  8. This was arsenal’s best game of the season, your thinking about the away game retard.

  9. Shows you watched the game. Alumunia wasn’t in net. GO LOOK AT SKYSPORTS FACTS ARSENAL ALMOST DOUBLE SHOTS

  10. According to Sky sports barca had 66% possession, just checked. type in Arseanl vs Barcelona 2011, go to the 3rd one down and it gives a match report. It says Barcelona 66.1 and Arsenal 33.9

  11. Chelsea also won, we’re they the better team? no. Almunia saved the day. Barca shut down arsenal’s keyplayers for the combination/passong football. Fab/Nasri/RVP. look at the stats, they played their worst match that season. Only wilshere stood out for arsenal. no barca had more shots on target, look at the stats.

  12. We won 2-1, we both missed golden chances and Barcelona barely had more chances and arsenal had much more shots on target.

  13. HAHA wich game did you see? Barca had more posession, more chances,more shots on goal, more combinations, and more passes, how did arsenal dominated barca? you mean diaby ownd oldman militio who never plays, thats being dominated? woow didn’t know that.

  14. Barcelona are obviously the better team now but we dominated you guys this game. End of story.

  15. and stop making up shit how the hell did you get 60% when it says 53% on bbc and skysports. Eff off hater

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