1. Big week for him with the Internationals…hopefully he can show everyone
    why he is the best English player. He seemed to get too frustrated
    yesterday, especially in the first half.

  2. Lee Mason was given a fuckload of money and a 4-year-old Brazilian boy to
    sexually abuse by Mourinho. The boy’s not a virgin though, Sepp Blatter’s
    already smashed his backdoors wide open.

  3. what is it with bold referees officiating an arsenal match. Lee Mason, MIke
    Dean, Anthony Taylor and Howard Webb

  4. Its the manager tactics to always foul arsenal player’s at crucial times
    and thats wht well never win the league

  5. Showed great character to get back into the game in the second half.
    Corrected a lot of mistakes and created a lot of changes. Promising stuff
    from him.

  6. 7:29 A penalty and a yellow if ever there was one. Lee Mason doesn’t like
    making decisions.

  7. wow the ref didn’t stop play on those fouls on jack…atleast we still tied
    with a horrible ref

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  9. LOL, all of you Arsenal fans complaining about the ref…. Shouldnt we of
    had a penalty in the last minute for Koscielny pushing Long.

  10. He’ll be back… showed some very promising signs today and scored a great
    goal though he wasnt as decisive some at times, but he’ll be back

  11. He had a bad first half, but when Rosicky came on in the second half, Jack
    was able to roam around the field more and he had a better game. The ref
    must hate Jack, because he didn’t earn a single freekick from.

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