1. Jack has been with Arsenal since he was nine, he has been a life long fan, if he ever leaves it’s because he’s retiring and taking a break before entering the managerial side of football.

  2. do u have of van persie winning 2012 pfa player of the year?? if u have please put it thank you

  3. he is really following the footsteps of fabregas, lets hope someday he will be as good, AND lets hope someday barca will not claim wilshere belongs to them as well

  4. The best english player in his position already mate, better than fat frank or gerrard.. already!


    Type tuttosport golden boy 2011 into google and then vote Wilshere!!

    Thumbs up so everyone can see!!!

  6. there we go so fuck off united Barcelona real Madrid Chelsea who won it?? JACK WILSHERE the arsenal legend!

  7. Will all the united fans shut the fuck up with shitarica if he should off won it why didnt he ? Cause wilshere is better you fucking ticks . Wilshere is arsenals next captain and a brill player to have so united fans fuck off

  8. Wilshere is not a goal scorer.. he’s a midfielder, a great season for a midfielder is not scoring 20 goals, but playing well, and being consistent both defensively and offensively all season, something he has done. He played like a veteran. Hernandez has been amazing as well, but Wilshere played nearly every game and was never invisible.

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