“Obama Legalizes POT – Appoints SNOOP DOGG!”
    Congratulations, Snoop!
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  2. Snoop is a yank. Of course he doesn’t support Arsenal. Lets be real. Snoop is bigger than Jack Wilshere. I think Mr Wilshere should take this as a compliment and fans get a life.

  3. Look to the right, Snoop will wear any shirt for promo purposes. He ain’t a Gooner but still funny to see him in an Arsenal shirt 🙂

  4. Do a quick google search. He wears all football kits. Man Utd, Liverpool, Ajax, Juventus, Celtic, Chivas, Cardiff City, QPR etc and so on…

  5. Is it jus me or are all these WhenSnoopsInEurope vids are beginning to remind me of that fuckin weird alien rapper kid #TsimFuckis !!?

  6. LOL he’s worn almost every pl team shirt for promotion purposes, he ain’t a gooner but Jay Z actually is.

  7. I can’t believe some Arsenal fans actually think Snoop is an Arsenal fan hahaha FOOLS!!

  8. He had a similar video where he said the hi 2 Rio Ferdinand in a liverpool shirt :/

  9. The best video has to be the one where he talks to Ferdinand in a Liverpool Shirt

  10. wow this guy said he was a Chelsea fan few years back, he’s probably going to say Spurs next..

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