1. Not just Arsenal fans praise him you prick. Maybe you’re just pissed that
    Arsenal managed to produce a quality young player instead of buying one
    *cough* City *cough* Chelshit

  2. I’m pretty sure he was talking about that match alone, because by far he
    was the best on the pitch! 🙂

  3. Every time other countries have a good youngster we never hear the end of
    it in england. Jack is every bit as good a player as any other youngster in
    the world and why wouldnt we be proud of it.

  4. People wanted him to be like van Persie, that’s why they hate him. But he’s
    got great potential, I hope he will get the chances he deserves

  5. What Do You Mean ? Wilshere’s Playing Style Reminds Of A Young Steven
    Gerrard Playing The Same Exact Way ! Wilshere’s Got Every Ability To Do
    What Gerrard Can Do ! Wilshere Can Pass , tackle , score goals and Most
    Importantly he have leadership on the pitch !

  6. I bet in a few years, Wilshere will be the best english midfielder in the
    world. He is so good now, I remember the match against Barcelona when we
    won, Jack destroyed Barcelona. Such a talent!

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