1. i was a kid taking inspiration from a player of a similar age group. what do you do spend your fucking lonely nights on the internet just having arguments with someone who posted a comment fucking 7 months ago. i bet your lifes fantastic isn’t it?

  2. These are the top Arsenal reserve players: Chuks Aneke, Benik Afobe, Wellington, Ryo Miyaichi, Henri Lansbury, J.E.Thomas, Gilles Sunu, Sanchez Watt, Craig Eastmond, Conor Henderson, Emmanuel Frimpong, Gavin Hoyte and Rhys Murphy

  3. if i was jay simpson on 1.20 i wouldnt just run off celebrating like i was amazing cos id scored id run straight over to jack and say thanks 4 such a QUALITY ball through!

  4. Exellent player, nice to see some clips of him when he was younger. Do you think you could make a similar video about Aneke? hes 17 and is now a reserve starter, i reckon hes the most talented youth player since Wilshere

  5. All he needs now is to gain experience, become mroe confident and put more power on his shots and he will be immense

  6. Can’t say i do to be honest.
    The only way your going to see young players on a regular basis with decent quality video is through the “bigger” clubs online service. I do watch the odd bit of Ajax TV which has a great coverage of there youth setup which includes players of the age of 14 and 15 YO’s, the only downside is everythings in dutch.

  7. do u know where i could find any videos of like 15 or 14 year old soccer players that are playing in pro teams

  8. well you can see, besides Joe cole and Paul gascoigne, We haven’t really seen a technique based player in England for the past 20 years. This guy wilshire’s technique made brazilians jealous.

  9. Without being disrespectful, he is much better than Cole @ same age [better close-control, vision, decision-making & intelligence], Cole was primarily a show pony.

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