1. Think these Nike #MakeItCount videos are cursed because Jacks more or less missed this season and Rio wont win anything this year with United…

  2. jacky you’re already a legend mate just stay loyal and learn what not to do from those before you (na$ri, ca$hley, adebayor) and you will be one of arsenal’s greats!!

  3. you need to learn how to use a dictionary you “idiot” because you clearly don’t know what hypocrite means you imbecile. £5000? wow what a huge proportion of money from someone who is on about £50,000 a week, how generous (that is sarcasm by the way, look it up if you don’t know what it means). Go and read the dictionary and do some maths.

  4. £5,000 is nothing compared to what he gets in a week, he could easily just give £20,000 right there and then to charity.

  5. Wilshere isn’t our youngest League player! Fabregas started in the League at 17 during a Vieira injury!

  6. does anyone know wen he’ll b back? will he make it back before the milan game?

  7. you idiot he has a bet for £5000 if arsenal finish above tottenham.. guess where the money going… to charity. hypocrite

  8. he isnt injury prone, his ankle has been hair line fractured when he was 15 hes played all this time with it, just it became a stress fracture and had to go out to heal… hes never has any other recorded injurys…

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