1. Oh man…´╗┐ CARL IS SOO FIT!!!!:)
    We will finish above Tittle ham but Jack should still give the money anyway

  2. Aww that is soo nice! Well done wilshire and Jenkinson… WISH´╗┐ I WAS THERE!!!:)

  3. Love at the end Wilshere´╗┐ ‘And if tittle ham finish above us which they won’t then I will donate to charity’ ah aaa ;D

  4. 3 k ???????????? why not a week s wages or two…thats like buying a pint of beer to a normal daily working person.what he earns in a week could take some people many many years.its alway surprised me how theses footballers all dont get together and donate a weeks wages every month.but they care´╗┐ too much about material things and buying 1k bottles of plonk..

  5. go Arsenal! Tottenham is a shit!!! From Italy.

    Arsenal is my second favourite team.´╗┐ Forza Milan, and Tottenshit will finish below Arsenal!

  6. “piping up”´╗┐ Yea Jack better to pipe up than spit on a cabbie for wearing a hat you don’t like, you complete and utter melt.

  7. he better save up his money cause spurs are finishing top of arsenal this´╗┐ season.

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