1. wilshire will only get better. he is like xavi. all he needs to do is
    improve free kicks and score more goals

  2. I will sub if u make a Messi and Ronaldo video containing all of Ronaldo’s
    goals this season (55) and all of Messi’s goals (52).

  3. @CescFabregas404 trust me, Neuer isn’t that good. Very vulnerable to low
    shots below 3 ft. Goes AWOL during crosses as well.

  4. @selfatrophy next season wenger needs to play 442 or 4411. chamack and rvp
    upfront would be deadly.

  5. @mlodzianowski neither is szczesny, becuase if you look at the goals his
    conceded, its mostly from below aswell. and neuer saves most the shots
    rather than letting them in, but my fave keeper is lloris

  6. @pojomon1234 Agreed – needs to find a left winger (bring back Miyaichi as
    cover) – getting rid of Arshavin (another central player played wide) and
    Nasri (… another central player played wide), the latter is being a
    demanding prick (weekly wage demands are ridiculous), so good riddance.

  7. @777mhd777 trust me mate scszesny is not as good as you think he is, get
    lloris, neuer

  8. arsenal should sell arshavin.. or maybe not.. should find someone else..
    like douglas costa..

  9. Great season from Wilshere for his age – by ANYONE’S standards! But what
    happened to Chamakh? He was on fire in the first half of the season… that
    last chance he put away with consummate ease. Why didn’t the boss play
    4-4-2 when Van Persie was back (playing VP as the INSIDE FORWARD he is)?
    Anyway, great season Jack, a bit more shooting (free kicks?) and the
    complete player is there.

  10. @hamsta891 don’t forget Frimpong and Lansbury. They will be great players
    at Arsenal i think…

  11. this year we won two trophies: Jack Wilshere , Szczesney but still we need
    to win the real trophies cuz this year we were very near to achieve many
    things and we lost in everything …. and it has effected me very badly …
    but I’m still a gooner4life . thanx for the amazing video

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